Mdalalsini Room


muba guesthouse

Turismo responsabile a Jambiani

Responsible tourism in Jambiani



  • Wifi
  • Water heater
  • Mosquito net
  • European electrical sockets

The guest house is located in a tropical garden overlooking the sea. It is composed of three bedrooms: two triple rooms, Hiliki and Mdalasini (these rooms can accommodate up to 4 people adding bunk beds) and a double room, Kungu manga. The rooms are called with swahili names of spices: Hiliki-cardamom, Mdalasini -cinnamon, Kungu manga-nutmeg.

Spices are common in the local cuisine and in the traditional swahili medicine. Cardamom is used in many recipes of traditional local dishes and in the making of the well-known spiced tea. Moreover, it is also an essential ingredient for the mandazi makavu bread. Cinnamon is used too for flavoring many traditional dishes, including the pilau rice cooked in feast days. Nutmeg is instead used in traditional medicine and as a natural aphrodisiac.

The Mdalasini room is composed of four sleeping accommodations distributed as follows: one double bed and a bunk bed.

In each room, there are a water heater and european electrical sockets. Rooms are equipped with a comfortable bed protected by a mosquito net, coat rack,  shelves for clothing and bath towels. The roof of the guest house is made of makuti, the traditional coverage of Zanzibar houses obtained with woven leaves of the coconut palm, under which there is a lounge area for the guests where it is possible to relax in the afternoon and to be cradled by the sound of waves and wind moving the leaves of coconut palms.

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