WHY House

The WHY HOUSE is located in Jambiani, a small fishing village in the south-eastern area of the Unguja village (usually called Zanzibar, which is actually the name of the archipelago as a whole).

It is placed inside the property where the WHY Onlus and the school centre that we established are based. Anyway, the cabin is placed on the border of the area in a quiet location.

The building is in the northern neighborhood of the village and, whilst near to local facilities, it is mainly surrounded by tourist houses in a quiet atmosphere and light traffic.

It is located in the second row and it does not face directly the sea. In order to get there it is necessary to skirt a big house but in a few minutes you get to the beach.

A short stroll on the beach leads to many reception and recreational facilities such as beach bars, restaurants etc… which offer a wide and tasty choice for meals and entertainment. Otherwise, it is possible to walk down the small main road which crosses the village and leads in the middle of the local lively reality.


It is a small house and the rented flat is on the ground floor. It is composed of:

  • 2 bedrooms – maximum 5 sleeping accommodations
  • bathroom
  • equipped kitchen
  • dining room – living room
  • outside porch

The rooms are spacious and cozy, with simple furniture but fully-equipped for living the holiday in independently (there is the fridge and the kitchen is equipped for cooking).

The facility is for rent.

Guests should handle autonomously meals and house cleaning during their stay. They can go grocery shopping in the city (where there is a wider choice) at their arrival or during a trip, or they can go to little shops in Jambiani which are stocked with local products. We highly recommend buying fresh fish directly from fishers… Either way, our staff will be able to give you all the necessary tips!

Guests can also enjoy our proposals of “classic” or “alternative” tours and excursions.

The staff is entirely local on purpose.

From the chief to tour guides, drivers and people taking care of the centre, except for special occasions related to the period of the Ramadan traditional rest or for staff’s personal obligations which can be occasionally replaced by the WHY Onlus’ italian handlers.

The idea that inspired the project from the very beginning aspires to be consistent with the principles of responsible and solidarity tourism, according to which:

“Responsible tourism is the one based on principles of social and economic justice and in respect of the environment and cultures. It acknowledges the centrality of the local hosting community and its right to be the main actor of the sustainable and socially responsible tourist development of its territory. It works favouring a positive interaction between tourist industry, local communities and travellers.”

Definition adopted by the assembly of the Italian Responsible Tourism Association – AITR on October 9, 2005.

As a consequence, sometimes some problems of understanding may occur between the guests and the handlers of the structure due to language or cultural diversity, but we ask all to make a little effort.

Responsible tourism is a choice that includes constraints: it cannot lack patience, adaptability, and understanding towards the hosting community, with the aim of helping its development but also to open and to understand mechanisms that are different from our own (otherwise, what would be the meaning of travelling?!). However, for particular circumstances our italian WHY volunteers will be available.

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