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MUBA GUEST HOUSE is a project for responsible and solidarity tourism created by the Onlus associaition “W.H.Y”together with the local community. 

The guest house is in the small fishing village of Jambiani situated in the South East of Unguja Island(Zanzibar, the actual name of the entire archipelago)and is near to our Onlus W.H.Y headquarters.

The building itself is in the middle of the village within a tropical garden boasting many plants and flowers and has been built respecting the surrounding natural environment and local culture. We have kept to the original local design and size with the characteristic makuti roof (wooden frame covered with woven  coconut-palm leaves)in order to keep and support local traditions and landscape.

Our guests are offered the chance of responsible tourism in complete solidarity with the local area.

Responsible in the way there is minimal impact on the local environment. Our guests come into direct contact with local culture and traditions in a way which enhances respect and understanding of the territory and its people. Villages are visited and people met in the company of  local guides.

Solidarity tourism because the project is part of the W.H.Y association,g uests are invited to visit the educational structures provided by W.H.Y and in turn the proceeds from the guesthouse are put  towards  these projects.


The ONLUS W.H.Y Association is an association for international voluntary work founded in Trento; North Italy in 2004.After several experiences in Africa and India we were registered as an N.G.O for Zanzibar in 2006.We work together with the  Italian Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health whilst collaborating closely with the local villages and other N.G.Os in the area.

We firmly believe that education is a human right, paving the way to social and economic development within a community. We therefore work mainly in the education system in rural and more disadvantaged areas and we have overseen the building or rebuilding of nursery schools and schools, we provide adequate didactic material and guarantee work and wages for local teachers.

In 2008 W.H.Y set up MUBA GUEST HOUSE with the aim to help self sustain our projects. Zanzibar is a wonderful island which is why it has always been a renowned tourist destination, hosting thousands of tourists a year. However, there are far and few possibilities of tourism which brings you into contact with and offers respect towards the locals and their natural environment. Experiences off the beaten track where you can see the local realities are rarely available for travellers. For this reason W.H.Y has decided to offer travellers the chance of getting to know the real culture and seeing the different sides to this island, both complex and contradictory.



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