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Do I need to get a tourist Visa from the Embassy in advance?  Where can I change money? How can I make phone calls and will I find an internet connection? How will I get to Jambiani from the airport? What can I eat and how can I organize my daily meals? Which vaccinations should […]

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Where can I change money?

For Euro you can use the Money Exchange Bureau in Stone Town,you can change money on arrival or during your first trip to the city. Otherwise you can draw out money from ATM machines at the banks in the city. If you bring dollars you won’t need to change them as they are accepted everywhere […]

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How will I get to Jambiani from the airport?

The guesthouse can arrange transport to and from the airport using its own cars at the traveller’s expense. This cost varies according to the number of passengers,this can all be arranged together with the booking. For the more adventurous the local public transport in way of “dalla-dalla” is available, small trucks equipped for carrying people […]

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What can I eat and how can I organize my daily meals?

Despite the Southern part of Zanzibar being less touristy than the North you are still able to find several restaurants run by Europeans who can offer more “Western”dishes. However yo may also find small activities run by locals, restaurants and kiosks which offer the local cuisine, extremely tasty dishes based on fish, rice, fresh vegetables […]

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Which vaccinations should I have before my departure?

There are no compulsory vaccinations for Zanzibar for those coming from Europe. The Yellow Fever vaccine is compulsory only for those passing from zones notoriously infected. Malaria, tetanus, typhoid, hepatitus A, B and C are common illnesses and at times there may be cholera epidemics. More common complaints are intestinal, urinal or eye infections. The […]

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How should I dress?

The hottest season goes from September to March (the opposite to our own) and the rainy season is from April to June. July and August are the “coldest” times of year for Zanzibar but temperatures rarely fall under 25°C. It is always cool and windy by the sea. Seeing as you have chosen a responsible […]

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Are the people I can refer to during my stay local or Italian?

The answer lies in the following quotation: “Responsible tourism is a tourism founded on the principles of providing and supporting social and economic justice as well as completely respecting the local area.It recognizes the rights of local people to have a main role in touristic development in their area,a tourism which must be sustainable andresponisible.It works in a […]

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How can I help the children I’ve met in the schools?

This answer may seem blunt and impersonal but it is easy to understand that the costs sustained by WHY to provide these schools are high, ranging from training teachers, giving them a decent wage, building and maintaining the schools in a way that the children have a warm and welcoming environment in which to learn. Therfore, […]

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