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Can I bring any gifts to give the children I meet in the villages and the schools I visit?

Despite this gesture seeming positive and rewarding we strongly advise not to distribute objects, sweets or toys without consulting someone first. Above all, don’t offer them coins: their parents earn a mere average US$50 a month and sending their children to beg can quickly add to this income. This in turn leads children to abandon their education in the belief that they can easily improve their income by begging. It would therefore be useless to try and construct a long term project together with the locals based on improving education, work possibilities and self-sufficiency if children are then encouraged to beg in order to earn quick money without the need to study and learn.
Any contribution to school material such as books, pencils, paper, exercise books etc. are certainly welcome. The material donated is given to our local WHY representativewho organizes the distribution where it is most needed. However, we prefer to avoid material such as felt pens which are plastic and not biodegradable for obvious reasons of disposal problems.

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